In this article, you will learn how to set up the Popup on your page. The Popup can be used for 2-step opt-ins, or as an Exit Pop. Every page has one built in and you can set it to trigger by click or by exit.

Open Your Pop Up

Edit Pop Up Settings


Adjust Your Pop Up Settings

Settings (0:23)

Margin Top -- Adjusts how far from the top the Pop Up will be displayed.
BG Image -- Image used to replace the standard background of the Pop Up.
Trigger On Exit
-- Whether the pop up will open only on click or when a visitor goes to exit the page.
Modal Width -- How wide the popup will appear on your page.
Backdrop Color -- The color used to overlay the rest of the page while the Pop Up is active.
BG Color -- Color of the background of the Pop Up.
Text Color -- Default color for font.
Padding Top
-- Adjusts the buffer area from top of the Pop Up to where the content starts.
Padding Bottom
-- Adjusts the buffer area from bottom of the Pop Up to where the content starts.
Padding Left / Right
-- Adjusts the buffer area from the sides of the Pop Up to where the content starts.

Advanced / Styles (1:40)

Corner Radius – Choose the size of the rounded corners. 5px for small and 20px for large corners.
Edges – Choose to have the corner radius to, top, bottom of all (both)
Borders – Add a full border, just the top and bottom or just on the top or bottom.
Drop Shadow – Choose to have a light, full or dark drop shadow for your section.

Advanced / Animation (2:52)

Timed Delay - Set a delay for when the pop will show up on the page
Animation – Choose the different animation settings. Please check "Animation Page" for more information on animations.

Set Up Your Content

The final step in setting up your popup is to edit the actual content. Just like a normal page you can add or remove Sections, Rows, and Elements. Just keep in mind that typically a popup is smaller than the rest of your page so don't put too much content in the popup. If your popup is blank and you want to use it to allow people to opt-in, just add an element for Input Form (usually a Name and Email, or sometimes just an Email). Don't forget to set each one with the appropriate setting so that ClickFunnels knows if it is a Name or an Email.

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