In this article, you will learn how to integrate Infusionsoft with ClickFunnels to accept payments, as well as how to add your first product from Infusionsoft to a ClickFunnels Order Page.

**Please note that due to limitations with the Infusionsoft API, the Infusionsoft payments integration only supports using as a payment gateway. 

We are constantly working on making the system more compatible with additional gateways.

Infusionsoft Admin Settings

The first thing you will need to do is get your API key from Infusionsoft. To get there, once logged into Infusionsoft, click the icon in the upper left to bring up the main menu. Then click on Settings at the bottom of the Admin column (on the far right).

Application Settings

Once in the Admin Settings, in the sidebar on the left click Application.

API Passphrase and Key

Now scroll down the page until you get to the API section. If you haven't already, enter a passphrase you can either document or remember into the API Passphrase box and save the settings. This will generate your Encrypted Key.

Once the Encrypted Key is generated, copy it for use in the following steps.

ClickFunnels Payment Integrations

Log into your ClickFunnels account and go to My Account > Settings > Payment Integrations and scroll down to the Infusionsoft area. Type in your Infusionsoft application subdomain and then paste your Encrypted Key into the Key area.

*Important Note: The subdomain we need is just the first part of where your Infusionsoft application is located. For example, if your account is at then you would just type example into the box.

Default Merchant Account Settings

In order for the ClickFunnels and Infusionsoft Payment Integration to function properly, the Default Merchant Account needs to be set in your Infusionsoft Ecommerce Settings.

First go to settings. 

Next click on the Orders tab.

Then scroll down to the Billing section to set your Default Merchant Account.

Adding a Product to Infusionsoft

Next you need to add a product inside Infusionsoft. ClickFunnels will pull this list of products when you add a product to your order pages. To do this, go to the main menu again and select Products under E-Commerce.

Add a Product

If the product you are selling isn't already in Infusionsoft, click the green button in the upper right that says Add a Product.

Name Your Product

Now name your product and select whether it will be a physical product or a digital product. Make sure when you name it that it will be something unique because ClickFunnels will pull all of your product names from your full list of products and allow you to select them from a drop-down menu.

Product Settings

Set up your product settings. The important setting you will need to set is the Price, everything else is optional for use with ClickFunnels.

Save Product Settings

After you have edited your products settings click the green Save button at the bottom left of the form.

Add Your Product To ClickFunnels

Now that your product is inside of Infusionsoft, you will need to add your product to an Order Page inside of ClickFunnels. In the Funnel View, select the Order Page that you want to add your new product to and click + Add Product.

ClickFunnels Product Settings

After clicking Add Product, a window will open to set your product up inside of ClickFunnels. Name your product with a name that your customers will see, select Infusionsoft in the Billing Integration drop-down, and set the price to the same price that you set inside of Infusionsoft. Once those are set, use the drop-down in the Infusionsoft Integration area to select the product you set up earlier. Finally, save your product and it will be added to your Order Form.

Congratulations, Infusionsoft is now integrated with your ClickFunnels account and you can accept payments!

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