In order for the plugin to function properly with your WordPress site, there are a few Server Requirements that must be met:

  1. Your webhost / server must be running PHP 5.4 or above.

  2. URL fopen must be allowed on the server.

  3. CURL must be enabled on the server.

    Before you continue **Read Me First** General WordPress Plugin Issues

To find out if your server meets these requirements, go to the ClickFunnels Plugin Settings, and click on Compatibility Check. You should see All Green "Enabled" indicators if your servers meet the minimum requirements. If you see any Red "Disabled" indicators, you will need to contact your webhost about that specific item being enabled on your server.

Current Plugin Version

Always check to be sure you are using the most current ClickFunnels plugin version. This can be verified on the Plugins Page of your WordPress Dashboard.

Further ClickFunnels WordPress Plugin Assistance

Importing Your ClickFunnels Page

Managing and Editing Pages



WordPress Plugin Notes and Troubleshooting

If you are experiencing an error that does not fall under under any of these categories, and you have already deactivated all of your plugins and re-enabled them one at a time, please submit a support ticket at 

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