Like many other WordPress plugins, the ClickFunnels WordPress plugin might not support every single theme or combination of plugins out there. There are endless variables and coding our plugin to meet all of those possibilities is difficult, if not impossible. Therefore, if the plugin doesn't work, and our development team can't get it to work, then the best solution is to try deactivating your WordPress plugins one by one, until you find the one that conflicts with ours, and then kindly let us know. 

***Will not work with Order Forms / OTO / Membership Funnels as these pages require higher security protocols.

****Currently our ClickFunnels WordPress plugin will not work properly with Optimize Press version or Adblock. You will need to disable these plugins for ours to function properly.

If all else fails, you can always use a custom domain.

Cannot Pull Up Funnels Or Pages

If your ClickFunnels WordPress plugin is not pulling up any of your funnels or pages from your ClickFunnels account, please delete the plugin and reinstall the plugin. This should correct your issue and correctly pull in your Funnel/Pages setup inside your ClickFunnels account.

***Your current pages already setup inside your blog will not be affect through removing and reinstalling the plugin. They will still be there!!

Error Messages

If you have recently installed a ClickFunnels page into your WordPress site and the page loads with an error message, please wait a few minutes and refresh the page.

Pages Not Loading

Because Order/OTO/Order Confirmation/Membership pages require higher security protocols, they will NOT work in the plugin.

Redirect Errors

When you optin on the WordPress page, it takes you to the next page in the funnel, on the ClickFunnels side. This is expected, as the plugin only has 1-way communication with ClickFunnels. So, to get the next WordPress/ClickFunnels page, you have to set the Redirect Override inside of ClickFunnels to go to the next WordPress page.

Phantom Homepage

If you are experiencing an issue where you have a page showing up as your homepage, but the page is no longer loaded inside of the plugin, this was caused by how the plugin saved the pages prior to the v1.1.0 update.

How to fix:

To correct this issue you will need to make a new page and set it as a homepage using the ClickFunnels plugin. Once you have set the new page you will need to go back in and then delete the page inside the plugin.

Note that this will also "Publish" the page, which it didn't before v1.1.0 update.

By removing the newly created homepage from the trash it will reset and then your homepage will show as normal.

Random Pages Load

If you are experiencing issues where random pages are displaying inside of your ClickFunnels Plugin page or there are pages that don't belong to your account, simply resave your page inside the ClickFunnels Plugin and inside your actual ClickFunnels account. This should correct your issue.

Click to Update Page Fails

There is a conflict with our plugin and Optimize Press version that will cause the ClickFunnels plugin to crash when trying to click on the "Blue Update" button or the "Click to Update Page" button inside the pages view. You will need to disable/upgrade/downgrade this Optimize Press plugin or ClickFunnels WordPress plugin will not function correctly.

Current Plugin Version

Always check to be sure you are using the most current ClickFunnels plugin version. This can be verified on the Plugins Page of your WordPress Dashboard.

Further ClickFunnels WordPress Plugin Assistance

Importing Your ClickFunnels Page

Managing and Editing Pages



WordPress Plugin Notes and Troubleshooting

If you are experiencing an error that does not fall under under any of these categories, and you have already deactivated all of your plugins and re-enabled them one at a time, please submit a support ticket at 

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