What you will need: 

  • A WebinarJamStudio Account. 
  • A Webinar set to a future date. 
  • Webinar API Key

**Please note: this article is for WebinarJam Studio in particular. If you simply have WebinarJam, please explore this article. For this setup, you will need a webinar already created in WebinarJam Studio.**

Step One: Retrieve Your Webinar API Key

  • Login to your WebinarJam Studio account. 
  • Click on "My Webinars."
  • Select your Webinar from the list and click "Edit" (you will have to click two edit buttons at this step).
  • Along the top checklist, click "Integrations."
  • Next to API custom integrations, click the pencil icon
  • Copy your API Key

Step Two: Integrate WebinarJam Studio with ClickFunnels

  • From within your ClickFunnels Integrations settings, select "Add New Integration."
  • Search for and select WebinarJam Studio in the search bar (make sure to select the one with "Studio" and not simply WebinarJam). 
  • Give your integration a Nickname
  • Paste your API Key
  • Click "Add Integration."

**Please note: if you wanted to connect WebinarJam instead, read here.**

Step Three: Connect WebinarJam Studio to Your Funnels

Lean to add WebinarJam Studio to your ClickFunnels pages
Learn to add product purchases to WebinarJam Studio

If you have any questions about this, please contact our support team by clicking the support icon in the bottom right-hand corner of this page.

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