Zoom.US Plan requirements for integration to function.

  • User must have a paid zoom account. 
  • Only Webinars NOT meetings can be seen through Clickfunnels API.
  • All Webinars must be set to a future date
  • Auto webinars are not supported.
  • You must have a First Name, Last Name, and Email address set to required on your optin form. 

Step One: Add the Zoom Integration. 

  • Select the Account tab
  • Select Integrations
  • Select Add New Integration
  • Select Webinars
  • Select Zoom

Step Two: Integration settings

While logged into your zoom account, visit this URL. This is where you will acquire the API Key and the API Secret for the integration settings.

  • Enter a nickname for the integration
  • Copy the API Secret from your zoom account and paste into Clickfunnels.(The two API’s are in different orders within Clickfunnels / Zoom – Ensure you are coping the appropriate code)
  • Copy the API Key from your zoom account and paste into Clickfunnels
  • Select Add Integration

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