NOTE: Integrating WebinarJam is done using WebinarJams one click registration process.  We do not offer a direct integration and will require your registrants to click a confirmation link in their email.  This also assumes you have already created your webinar within your WebinarJam account.

Step 1. Select your Advanced Settings from your Webinar

Step 2. Place your URL into a Text Editor and apply the Merge Tags

Edit the URL to reflect the data you are passing from ClickFunnels to WebinarJam using Merge Tags.


From WebinarJam before Merge Tags are applied webicode=f950685b30&memberid=169105139238450328&firstname=yourfirstname&lastname=yourlastname&

After Merge Tags are applied

NOTE: Only the fields you are collecting are required in the URL, in this example we are collecting a first name, last name, email address and phone number.

Step 3.  Create your registration page in ClickFunnels

You can use any Opt-in page or Webinar Registration page for this step.  Note: When using Webinar Registration pages that your registrants will not be able to select a specific webinar to attend using this method instead they will be registered for the next webinar in the series.

IMPORTANT: Your registration form mush have all the fields you are collecting from your registrants.  

In our example we would need to collect:

  1. First_Name
  2. Last_Name
  3. Email 
  4. Phone

Step 4.  Set your Automation or Actionfunnel to deliver the registration link.

Create your confirmation email and place the URL with your updated Merge Tags as shown.

Step 5. Create your Thank You Page letting your registrants know the have one more step.  

When your registrants click on the link in their email they will be registered for your webinar in WebinarJam.

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