1. Go to ClickFunnels integrations.

2. Click on Add Integrations and name your integration

3. It will bring you to this screen

4. How to find your API Secret and API Key Click on the link below. 


(You must be the account owner to view that page)

You must be logged in to you Zoom account. You also must be on a paid webinar plan with Zoom

Click on Credentials to find the API information.

5.Copy your API Key and API Secret and paste them in the appropriate fields.

6. Click on Create Integration

7. Then Go To Your Webinar Registration Page

8. Click on Edit Page and then to settings

9. Select Integrations

9. Integrate Zoom.us Webinar With The Webinar You Had Pre-registered.

10. If you prefer video, then here is a step by step video with the entire walkthrough.

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