What you will need:

  • A GoToWebinar Integration
  • A Webinar scheduled in GoToWebinar
  • An Email Field and Submit Action (for data to transfer via API, you must always have these two fields)
  • A First Name, Last Name, and Email Field set to Required (required for GoToWebinar specifically) 

Step One: Integrate GoToWebinar with ClickFunnels

Learn how to setup your GoToWebinar Integration Here

Step Two: Connect GoToWebinar to Your Funnel

  • From within your Webinar Registration page editor, under Settings, select "Integrations."
  • Select GoToWebinar as your Integration.
  • Select Register to Webinar as your Action.
  • Select the List to Add from the dropdown menu. 

**Please note: Make sure to save your funnel page after adding the integration.**

Learn to add GoToWebinar to your Product Sales Instead

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