Please follow the steps in this article to integrate your ClickFunnels account with your EverWebinar account.

In the next article, we will go over how to integrate your webinar registration with your ClickFunnels registration page.

Get Your EverWebinar API Key

Login to your EverWebinar account.

  1. Make sure that EverWebinar is selected on the WebinarJam Studio / EverWebinar Toggle

  2. Click on the My Webinars tab
  1. Click the Edit menu

  2. Click on Edit from the dropdown

Click the Save & Next button until you get to the Integrations tab

Click on the Pencil Icon on the section called API Custom Integrations

Copy your API Key. You will need to add this in your ClickFunnels Integration Settings

Go to Your ClickFunnels Account Settings

Click on the Integrations tab and then click the + Add New Integration button.

  1. Give the Integration a Nickname

  2. Select EverWebinar from the dropdown menu
  1. Paste your API Key from EverWebinar into the API Key field.

  2. Click Create Integration

Congratulations! You should see EverWebinar in the list of Integrations.

Visit this link to learn How to Integrate EverWebinar With Your ClickFunnels Registration Pages

If you have any other questions or concerns, please submit a support ticket at or email

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