In order to integrate EverWebinar into your ClickFunnels Registration Pages, you should build a Live Webinar Funnel, and not an Autowebinar Funnel.

If you have not yet integrated your ClickFunnels account with your Ever Webinar account, see this article.

**Please note that the integration with EverWebinar does not currently support the option to allow users to select which date and time they would like to select. Your webinar should be configured on a daily or weekly basis at a specific time, and your registration page should indicate the "Next Available Time" for the webinar. By default, registrants will be registered to the next available webinar session.

Open Your Webinar Registration Page in the Page Editor

  1. Click on the Email Icon on the page editor sidebar.

  2. Select EverWebinar from the Integration dropdown.

  3. Select Register To Webinar Session from the Action dropdown.

  4. Select the appropriate Webinar from the List To Add dropdown.

How to See Registrants & Attendees

In your EverWebinar account, you can see the registrants to your webinar, by going to the Analytics tab and selecting the appropriate webinar. Click the Go button and select the Registrants & Attendees dropdown.

It may take up to five minutes for registrants to appear in the list from the time that they registered.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please submit a support ticket at or email

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