In this article you will learn how to use LeadDyno as an affiliate system for your funnels. Currently this tracking only works when using the Stripe payment integration. LeadDyno only tracks Live purchases too, so be aware that purchases you make in test mode will not show up.

Set Site URL

In your LeadDyno account settings, make sure to set your Site URL either to the first page in your funnel or to the Custom Funnel URL you set for editing your funnel. This is what sets the affiliate links generated by your affiliates to go to the page.

Connect LeadDyno to Stripe

Make sure your LeadDyno account is connected to Stripe under Manage Integrations and Payment Services.

Get Your LeadDyno Tracking Script

Under LeadDyno Settings, go to LeadDyno Tools, and the first tab that loads will have your Tracking Script that you need to put on each page of your funnel. This Script will go into the Tracking Codes section of Page Settings on each of your pages.

Paste Tracking Code Into Pages

Now open the editor on each of your pages in ClickFunnels and go to Settings > Tracking Codes. Then paste the code you received from the previous step into the Custom Tracking (Footer) section. After that, save your page and test visit. Check your LeadDyno dashboard to verify it is tracking.

Congratulations, LeadDyno is now set up to track affiliates for your funnel!

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