In this article, you will learn how to add Google Analytics to all your funnel pages in one step through the use of CloudFlare. This article assumes you have already set up your CloudFlare account and are using CloudFlare for your custom domain in ClickFunnels.

Note: One of the limitations of CloudFlare right now is you can't set up individual tracking for different subdomains. This means that your tracking code will be everywhere on your domain, including subdomains, but it won't display what subdomain the page was on in your reports. Just make sure your page URLs are descriptive so you know what page is where in your funnels.

Apps For Your Domain

The first thing you will need to do is log into your CloudFlare account, and on your domain dashboard, go to the domain you want to set Google Analytics up on and click Apps.

Setup Google Analytics

Now you will be shown a large list of apps that you can integrate with your domain. Scroll down until you find Google Analytics and click Setup.

Enable Your Tracking ID

There are two ways to enable your tracking code. You can either log into your Google Analytics account and get your Tracking ID and paste into the Manual Setup area, or you can click Start under Automatic Setup and it will allow you to log in to your Google Analytics account and automatically get the tracking code for the matching domain.

Congratulations, Google Analytics is Now Setup for Your Entire Domain!

You can view or edit the Tracking ID anytime you want by clicking the link View / Edit Tracking ID under the Google Analytics description.

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