In this article you will learn how to add a tracking pixel to your page. Tracking pixels can be used for various purposes. They can be used to create re-targeting campaigns or to help calculate conversions for various other services. A couple big services that offer tracking pixels are Facebook and AdRoll, but there are many others out there. The important thing to remember is that whatever service is providing the tracking pixel will tell you whether to put it in the header or the footer.

Get Your Tracking Code

First you will need to log into the service you are using to provide the tracking pixel. Here is an example of what it might look like, e.g. FB Pixel:


There are two places where you can add it:

1.) Inside the Page Editor -> Settings -> Tracking Codes -> Header - if you wish for for the FB Pixel to appear only on specific pages. 

2.) Under the Main Funnels Settings -> Head Tracking Code - if you wish for the FB Pixel to appear on all funnel pages.

Paste Your Tracking Code

Finally paste the tracking pixel code you got into either the Header or Footer based on what your tracking pixel provider requires. Then Save your page or Update funnel settings and you will be all set.

Note: Remember, it can sometimes take up to 24 hours for your service to detect the tracking pixel on your page.

Congratulations, Your Tracking Pixel Is Now Set Up!

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