**Important note, Mailgun requires you to have a credit card on file in your Mailgun account in order to integrate with ClickFunnels. If you do not have a Credit Card on file with Mailgun, you will receive an error when you are integrating. 

Mailgun is another SMTP service that you can integrate with ClickFunnels to send your Actionetics and ClickFunnels emails.

First, set up your account at https://mailgun.com and Activate and Verify your account.

After you have done this, you will be prompted to add a custom domain.

Add the domain that you wish to send your email from and you will be provided with a few DNS records to update with your DNS hosting.

Add the DNS records to your DNS hosting. If you are using CloudFlare, you would add them inside your CloudFlare DNS Settings.

After you have added the DNS records, it might take up to 48 hours for the domain to show as verified in Mailgun.

After the domain is showing as verified in Mailgun, you can add your SMTP credentials to your ClickFunnels SMTP Integration.

Go to My Account > SMTP Settings (Outgoing SMTP) and add your SMTP credentials from Mailgun.

You can find these credentials in Mailgun by clicking on Domains and then clicking on the specific domain.

It will look like this:

1) Add the name of your SMTP Integration. (This is for internal reference only.)

2) Add the From Name. This is what users will see when they receive your emails.

3) Add the SMTP Server. This will be smtp.mailgun.org

4) Add the SMTP User. This should be postmaster@yourdomain.com

5) Add the SMTP Domain. This should be the same domain that you verified previously.

6) Add the From Email. This email should belong to the same domain that you verified previously.

7) Add the SMTP Port. 587 is recommended.

8) Add the SMTP Password. This can be found in your Mailgun domain settings.

9) Click Add (or Update) SMTP Integration

Your Mailgun integration is ready to use.

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