The benefit of using the text optin feature is that it creates a way for you to allow users to opt in to your sales funnels, without even needed to visit your optin page.

An example of how this was used recently was at the Funnel Hacking Live event in Las Vegas at the end of May.

Several of the speakers at the event created a TextOptin for their optin funnels and they provided event attendees with their TextOptin number and Unique Code.

They offered event attendees an ethical bribe for opting in via text.

The way that this works is:

  1. You provide the user with your TextOptin number and Unique Code.

  2. The user creates a text message to your TextOptin number, types in the Unique Code you have provided, and sends the message.

  3. The user will receive a message back within a few minutes asking for their email address. (You provide the copy for this message.)

  4. The user sends their email address and is opted into your funnel, and added to your autoresponder via your autoresponder settings on your optin page.

  5. The user receives a thank you message.

It's that easy. Keep reading to learn how to set this up.

Step 1: Create Your Optin Page As You Normally Would and Add Your Email Integration

Please note that users who optin via TextOptin will only be added to your autoresponder if you are using an API supported integration.

Step 2: Click On "TextOptins" On The Appropriate Funnel Step And Click "+ ADD TEXT OPTIN"

Step 3: Create Your Text Optin

Step 4: Publish The Number And The Unique Code For Users To Use To Optin

And that's it!

When a user submits their email address via your unique code, they will be opted in to your optin page and added to your autoresponder based on the settings on your optin page.

Please note that additional charges may be incurred to the user based on their carriers and plans. TextOptin is currently not supported outside of the U.S. and Canada.

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