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You are presently working on an order form, OTO step, or Down sell step and are seeing the following error:

Step One: Ensure that your payment gateway is integrated. 

Here is a list of all of the payment gateways we integrate with, and step by step instructions on how to integrate them into your Clickfunnels account.

Step Two: Ensure that you have products created.

Here is step by step directions on creating a one-time product.
Subscription product step up vary by payment gateway.
You can find instructions on setting up subscription products for your specific payment gateway here:

Step Three: (Order Page Only) Ensure that you have the proper elements on your order page to submit the purchase.
At a minimum, your page will require:

  • Input Form - Email Element
  • Select Product 2.0 Element
  • Credit Card Form Element
  • A Button Element set to “submit order / Submit form”

Example View from within the Editor

Step Four: Testing your Order Form:
Testing your order form will be determined by your payment gateway.
You can see our guide on testing order forms here:

Protip: Make sure to routinely save your work within the editor. 

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