What you will need:

Step One: Create Your Subscription Plan In Stripe

  • Log into your Stripe Dashboard
  • Click "Billing" in your left menu bar.
  • Select "Products"
  • In the top right, click "New" to add your new plan.
  • Enter a Product Name (This will be used in your Dashboard and on customers' receipts or invoices.)
  • Enter a Unit Label (This will appear on the customer's receipts and invoices)
  • Enter a Statement Descriptor (This will appear on a customers' bank statements, so make sure it's clearly recognizable.)
  • Click on Create Product.
  • Enter a Plan Nickname (This won't be visible to customers, but will help you find this plan in your Dashboard)
  • Enter your Plan ID (This can be used to identify this plan in the API. We recommend you assign one for Step Two to work properly.).
  • Select your Currency (This can't be changed after you save this pricing plan.)
  • Enter your Price Per Unit (This can't be changed after you save this pricing plan.)
  • Select your Interval of billing (This can't be changed after you save this pricing plan.)
  • Enter the Trial Period (optional)
  • Click Add Pricing Plan.

Step Two: Create Your Test Subscription Plan In Stripe

  • Click on the toggle for View Test Data.
  • Click on "Billing."
  • Click on "Products."
  • Click on "New."
  • Repeat the process outlined in Step One to create an Identical Test Plan

**Please note: your plan ID in this step should match your ID in Step One exactly. Failure to match may cause errors in testing.**

Step Three: Create Your Product In ClickFunnels

  • From within your Order Form step, select the "Products" tab.
  • Click "Add Product."
  • Enter your product Name 
  • Select "Stripe" from the billing integration dropdown
  • Skip Amount
  • Skip Currency
  • Enter your Price Display Override (optional; will impact how your price displays on the Order Page.)
  • Select "Subscription"
  • Enter your Product Description (this will affect how your product appears on the receipt).
  • Select your Subscription plan from the drop down menu
  • Enter the Number of Payments (if using a Trial Period, Add 1 payment to your total. I.E. for 3 payments and one trial period, you'd enter 4 payments; If unlimited, enter "999.")
  • Enter the Trial Period (this can be used to offer a free trial. I.E. if you put 14 in here it will offer a 14 day trial and charge $0.00 the first payment before charging the plan amount after 14 days.) 

**Please Note: it used to be necessary to setup the trial in Stripe. Now, you can use the Trial Period option directly to setup your free trial. Simply set the trial days and your subscription will be a free trial.**

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