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Step One: Setup Your Recurly Integration

Learn how to integrate your Recurly account with ClickFunnels

Step Two: Create Your Subscription Plan In Recurly

**Please note: the following is an example product creation to demonstrate. We recommend consulting Recurly's documentation if you run into trouble creating your plan. You can find this documentation here.**

  • From within your Recurly account, click on "Configuration."
  • Click "Plans."
  • In the top right, click "New Plan."
  • Enter a Plan Name.
  • Enter a Plan Code.
  • Enter a Plan Description (optional).
  • Under Billing, set how often Charges Recur.
  • Set your Billing Cycles.
  • Set the Recurring Charge amount. 
  • Enter an Accounting Code (optional). 
  • Under Free Trial Details, setup a Trial Length (optional).
  • For Setup Fee, decide if you want an initial setup fee to be charged with the plan purchase.
  • Skip Fixed-Price Add-On (this will not connect with your ClickFunnels product).
  • Skip Billable Add-Ons (same as above).
  • Under Customer Emails, setup any emails you intend to use in Recurly (this is all controlled and managed in Recurly, so our support team will be unable to offer assistance on this part of the setup).
  • On Hosted Payment Pages, leave it checked or unchecked (this will not connect with your ClickFunnels product).
  • Click "Create Plan."

Step Three: Create Your Product In ClickFunnels

  • From your Order Form Page, click on "Products."
  • Click "Add Product."
  • Enter a Name for your product.
  • Select "Recurly" as your Billing Integration." 
  • Skip Amount and Amount Currency (this is set in Recurly).
  • Enter a Price Display On Order Form (this is required for a Recurly subscription and dictates how the product price is displayed to buyers).
  • Under Recurly Integration, select "Subscription." 
  • Under Payment Gateway Subscription, select your Plan from Recurly. 
  • Click "Create Product."

Learn how to setup a one-time product in Recurly

If you have any questions about this, please contact our support team by clicking the support icon in the bottom right-hand corner of this page.

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