What you will need: 

  • A Third Party Payment Gateway (see list below)

**Please note: ClickFunnels supports a variety of direct API connections with Payment Gateways. This means you can integrate the option directly with your products in ClickFunnels. Please see Step One for a list of supported gateways and learn how to integrate them. We also support some providers as "3rd party" products. Please see Step Two and explore the individual articles for connection instructions.**

Step One: Supported API Gateways

  • Using the list below, click on your Payment Gateway to learn how to connect it with ClickFunnels and setup your products.  

Apple/Android Pay: Integrating your ClickFunnels Account with Apple Pay
Authorize.net: Must connect via OntraPort, Infusionsoft, or Recurly
Bluesnap: Integrate your ClickFunnels Account with Bluesnap
EasyPayDirect: Integrating your ClickFunnels Account with EasyPayDirect
Infusionsoft: Integrating your ClickFunnels Account with Infusionsoft
NMI (Gateway Funnel Pros): Integrating your ClickFunnels Account with NMI
OntraPort: Integrating your ClickFunnels Account with OntraPort
Recurly: Integrating your ClickFunnels Account with Recurly
Stripe: Integrating your ClickFunnels Account with Stripe

**Please note: if you don't already have a payment gateway, we recommend Stripe. If your country does not support Stripe, please visit Gateway Funnel Pros to see if there might be an option in your area.**

Step Two: Third Party Product Access

  • Please explore the third party product options below. Note that setup of these is a bit more advanced, but covered in the individual articles below. Since they do not connect via API, they may lack some of the features of the gateways in Step One. 

ClickBank: Integrating with ClickBank
Deal Guardian: Integrating with Deal Guardian
JV Zoo: Integrating with JV Zoo
PayPal: Integrating with PayPal
Taxamo (for VAT processing): Integrating with Taxamo
Warrior Plus: Integrating with Warrior Plus

**Please note: if you don't see your payment gateway above, it is not currently supported within ClickFunnels. If you believe it should be added, feel free to submit a feature request here. Please visit individual help articles on your payment gateway to explore the setup above.**

If you have any questions about this, please contact our support team by clicking the support icon in the bottom right-hand corner of this page.

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