What you will need:

**Please note: to ensure you get specific, step-by-step instructions, Step One directs you to your specific payment gateway. If you have already completed this part, or after setting up the basic product settings, please proceed from Step Two.**

Step One: Create New Product in Clickfunnels

  • Please select your Payment Gateway below to see specific instructions on adding your One-Time product

EasyPayDirect: How to Add EasyPayDirect One-Time Products
Infusionsoft: How to Add Infusionsoft One-Time Products
NMI: How to Add NMI One-Time Products
OntraPort: How to Add OntraPort One-Time Products
Recurly: How to Add Recurly One-Time Products
Stripe: How to Add Stripe One-Time Products

**Please note: since third party products work differently, please visit our Payment Gateway Integration instructions and select your third party product provider for that list if applicable.**

Step Two: Add Fulfillment Email Settings

**Please note: think of fulfillment email as a "thank you for purchase" email. This will be automatically sent to anyone who purchases your product.**

  • From your product creation screen, click the "Fulfillment Email" tab.
  • Enter the Subject line for your email.
  • Enter your email Body (this accepts HTML).
  • Select your Thank You or Membership Access page (if using the #PRODUCT_THANK_YOU_PAGE# shortcode, this is where it will link).

**Please note: the Thank You or Membership Access page also lets the Order Confirmation element know where to direct buyers.**

Step 3: Add Email Integration Settings [Optional]

  • From your product creation screen, click the "Email Integration" tab.
  • Select The Integration Method from the dropdown.
  • Set your Action On Submit
  • Choose your List To Add Lead.

**Please note: for instructions on setting up a list in Actionetics or more details on connecting with a third party email integration, please explore the links below.**

Click here to learn how to create an email list in Actionetics.
Click here to learn how to set up a third-party email integration.

Step Four: Add Shipping Settings [Optional]

**Please note: due to the differences in shipping integrations, you'll want to consult your individual shipping integration page for detailed setup instructions.**

Step Five: Affiliates [Optional]

  • From your product creation screen, click the "Affiliates" tab.
  • Check or uncheck whether the product is commissionable (this will determine whether your Backpack affiliates can get a commission for the product).
  • After confirming your settings, click "Create Product."

Click here to learn how to set up Backpack affiliate system.

If you have any questions about this, please contact our support team by clicking the support icon in the bottom right-hand corner of this page.

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