In this article, you will learn how to integrate Ontraport with ClickFunnels to accept payments, as well as how to add your first product from Ontraport to a ClickFunnels Order Page.

Important Note: We only support through Ontraport. Any other payment gateway has the potential of working but is not supported.

Ontraport Administration

The first thing you will need to integrate Ontraport with ClickFunnels to accept payments is your Ontraport App ID and API Key. To get this, log into Ontraport and click on your account profile image in the upper right and then click Administration.

Admin Integrations

Once on the Administration page, click the Integrations tab on the left navigation bar and then click Ontraport API Instructions and Key Manager.

Create New API Key

You will arrive on a page displaying all of your API Keys you have created in the past. You can use an existing one, but it is often best practice to generate a new API Key for each integration you work with. So click the button near the top that says New API Key.

API Key Settings

Name your integration so you can keep track of what this key integrates with in your list of API keys. Then select the owner for all contacts that come through the purchases and enable all features for the this API Key. Finally click Save.

Copy App ID and API Key

Now back on the page with all your API Keys, copy the appropriate App ID and API Key to be used inside ClickFunnels.

Add App ID and API Key to ClickFunnels

Login to ClickFunnels and go to My Account > Settings > Payment Integrations and select the Ontraport tab in the top navigation bar. Paste in your App ID into the first field and your API Key into the second field, then click the button Update Ontraport Settings.

Ontraport Product

Back in Ontraport, on the top navigation bar, click the Sales tab and then select Products.

Add New Product

The page that opens will show all your existing product inside Ontraport. If your products are already added, you can skip this step. To add a new product click the New Product button at the top.

Ontraport Product Settings

Name your product in Ontraport and add the price. This price can either be the one time price, or whatever the recurring fee will be. You will set whether it is a Subscription, Payment Plan or One Time Payment inside of ClickFunnels. Click Save.

Add Product to ClickFunnels

Back in ClickFunnels, go to the funnel you want to add your product to, and click on the Order Form page or OTO page for the product. Then on the right side, click the Products tab and then + Add Product.

ClickFunnels Product Settings

After clicking Add Product, a window will open to set your product up inside of ClickFunnels. Name your product with a name that your customers will see, select Ontraport in the Billing Integration drop-down, and if you have a subscription or payment plan style product, add a description of the payments in the Price Display Override.

After that, in the Ontraport Integration section, choose whether it is a One Time, Payment Plan or Subscription, select your product, gateway and Invoice sent from Ontraport. Then based on the type of payment set your appropriate settings to what you described in the Price Display Override. After you are done with that, click Save at the bottom of the product and your product will be added to the Order Form/OTO page.

To learn more about creating Ontraport Invoices, read the support article here:
Product Invoices Using Ontraport

Congratulations, Ontraport is now integrated with your ClickFunnels account and you can accept payments!

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our support team by emailing or by clicking the support icon in the bottom right-hand corner of this page.

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