What you will need:

Step One: Add the Product in Infusionsoft

  • From within your Infusionsoft Account, navigate to the Nav Menu in the top left. 
  • Under E-Commerce, click "Products."
  • Click "Add a Product."
  • Give your product a Name.
  • On the next screen, fill in the Price
  • Enter other details as desired (SKU recommended). 
  • On the bottom of this screen, click "Save."

Step Two: Create Your Product in Clickfunnels

  • From your Order Form Page, click on "Products."
  • Click "Add Product."
  • Enter the product Name (this is for internal reference).
  • Select Infusionsoft V2 as the Billing Integration
  • Enter the price of the product under Amount (make sure to use standard format with no currency symbol. I.E. "47.00")
  • Select your Amount Currency.
  • Enter a Price Display Override (Optional; this will display a custom price on your order page I.E. "Free+4.95 S&H")
  • Select whether the product is an Order Bump (if it is, make sure it is the LAST product added on the page). 
  • Select One Time for the product (if you want to setup a subscription, please find instructions below). 
  • Select the Infusionsoft Product you created in Step One. 
  • Enter a Promo Code (optional; this would be created and managed in Infusionsoft). 
  • Check the Delete Declined Invoices box (optional). 
  • Click "Create Product."

Learn how to setup a Subscription/Payment Plan product in Infusionsoft
Learn how to setup a one-time product in ClickFunnels

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