In order to make your order form work, you will need to add the following elements to it:

  1. Email Input Form
  2. Product Selector 2.0 Element
  3. Credit Card Element
  4. Order Summary Element
  5. A Button with an Action Set to Submit the Order

Here is how you add an Email Input Form and a Button with an Action Set to Submit the Order:

You can learn more about the other elements on that list and how to add them by clicking the links below:

Product Selector 2.0 Element
Credit Card Element
Order Summary Element

We strongly suggest you add all five of those elements to ensure your order form page is working properly.

Adding Products

You have to add the products so that the order form page would submit. 

Please, make sure you have added them in the "Products" tab here:

The Order Bump Product

There can be only one order bump product per order form page.

If you have an order bump product, this product should be the last one listed in the products tab. So if you have 3 products and the order bump product, it can't be the first in the list. It has to be the last one (the fourth one in that case). If you don't have it set up as the last, the page might not be functioning properly.
You can see the correct way here:

If you meet these requirements, the page will be working just fine.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our support team by emailing or by clicking the support icon in the bottom right-hand corner of this page.

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