On the order confirmation page, you will find an "Access Purchase" link that is part of the Order Summary page element.

The purpose of this link is to provide access to whatever it is that the buyer may have purchased.

This is especially useful if you have multiple products in your funnel that provide access to different things.

*When selling multiple products in your funnel (order bump, upsell, downsell, etc.) each product that is listed on the order confirmation page will have its own individual "Access Purchase" link.

Setting Up Your Access Purchase Link

The page to which a buyer is given access via the Access Purchase link is determined in the product settings.

Click on the Fulfillment Email tab in the product settings and find the Thank You Page setting towards the bottom of the screen.

Click on the dropdown menu to select any Membership Area or Thank You page inside your ClickFunnels account.

When someone clicks on the Access Purchase link for that specific product, it will take them to the selected page.

*If you choose a Membership Area page, it will allow them to register for that membership area. However, if you have restrictions set inside your membership area lesson section settings, they will only get access to the products that they have purchased.

Change Access Purchase Link Text

You can also change the Access Purchase link text to whatever text you would like.

*Please note that the text will stay the same for each product listed on the order confirmation page.

Click on the Order Summary element inside the page editor to open the settings panel and edit the Download Text field.

Removing the Access Purchase Link

If you wish to remove the Access Purchase altogether, click on the Order Summary element to open the settings panel, and delete the Access Purchase text.

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