This article will help if:

  • Emails are not added to your email list in Actionetics, ClickFunnels Contacts or your 3rd-Party Autoresponder.
  • Form goes to the next funnel step, but no information is saved.

Page Type:

           Optin Form

Settings on the Optin Form:   Only the email can be “required”

                                                  Action on the Button must be set to “Submit Page”

The basic optin form can be used on many different ClickFunnels pages to gather important contact information from your prospects.  Once the data has been entered, your integrations will determine where that data is stored.  The optin form must be integrated with Actionetics or your 3rd-party autoresponder to save the data.  (Search the ClickFunnels Knowledge Base for specific instructions to complete the integration steps.)

Integrate the Form

Your account-wide integration with an autoresponder or Actionetics is only the FIRST step for storing email addresses.

Inside your editor, you will see this menu:

When you click on Integrations, you will see this menu at the right.  You will integrate your email list with the optin form here.  Without this step, your contacts will be saved inside ClickFunnels but will not reach your autoresponder, or Actionetics.

Once you have created the connection, you will see this GREEN button.  You will know that your optin form is connected to your autoresponder, or Actionetics.

Specific Instructions for Integrating With:


  1. Create your Email List inside Actionetics
  2. Optin form must be integrated to Actionetics and the Email List


  1. Email addresses will be added to your ClickFunnels Contacts whenever form button action is set to ‘Submit Form’ even if there is an integration with Actionetics or a 3rd-party autoresponder.
  2. Actionetics integration or 3rd-party autoresponder integration that is not set up completely will result in failure of the email address saving anywhere.
  3. API issues can result in emails from your optin form being added to the ClickFunnels Contacts but not to Actionetics or your 3rd-party autoresponder.
  4. In this instance, you will drop the integration and regenerate the API.  Then re-establish the integration.
  5. Optin form will send email addresses to the Contacts when form button is set to “Submit Form.”

3rd Party Autoresponder:

  1. Create the list inside your autoresponder.
  2. Remove the double-optin settings, or turn off the confirmation email.
  3. Integrate 3rd-party autoresponder with ClickFunnels through the API key.
  4. Set optin form button to “Submit Form.”
  5. Integrate Optin Form with list in the 3rd-party Autoresponder.

Test Your Optin Form:

  1.    Visit the Funnel URL.
  2.    Input an email address you have not used before and test according to this doc:  Using Unique Email Addresses to Test Your Funnels
  3. Click on the optin form button.
  4. Verify that your email address was added to the list.

Revisit any steps that apply in the above process if the result was not correct.

Once you have tested your optin form, you are ready to proceed.

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