This article will help if you:

  • Can only see the ‘login’ screen instead of the ‘create account’ screen.
  • Want to be sure that only those who made a purchase are able to access your membership area.
  • Have email addresses in your Member list but the records seem to be incomplete.

Page Type:  

                      Membership Access

                      Membership Area

Available URLs and how to use each one: 

On the ‘Membership Access’ Funnel Step

Membership Access URL -- The membership access screen will default to the ‘login screen’ to protect your membership access from unintended access to your secured content.

On the ‘Membership Area’ Funnel Step

Membership Area URL -- Direct Access to your membership area should never be published to anyone for any reason.  ClickFunnels will use this URL to link the Login Page on your Membership Access funnel step to your secured membership area.

Membership Area Secret URL -- Whenever you want to allow someone to create an account for your membership area, you will use this ‘Secret URL’.  Yes, you do have to trust the person who receives this URL to not share it anywhere.  If you are not confident, create the account yourself and provide the details.  If access to your membership area is the product, the fulfillment email will include a single-use sign up URL as the #Product_Thank_You_Page# Link.

Anyone who opts into your funnel but does not make a purchase will have their email address saved to your contacts, but will not have access to your membership site.

Test Your Membership URLS:

Before publishing your funnel, you will want to validate your Membership URLs.

  • Copy the Membership Secret URL and log out of your ClickFunnels Account before attempting to visit the Account Creation Screen.
  • Copy the Membership Access URL and paste into your browser.
  • The Membership Login page will be displayed.  Use your login credentials to access the membership area.

Remember to never share your Membership Area URL since this URL will provide instant access to your entire membership area without restriction on content.

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