This article will help if:

  • User proceeds to next funnel step, instead of website URL.
  • Popup window does not open when button is clicked.
  • Emails are not added to your email list in Actionetics, ClickFunnels Contacts or your 3rd-Party Autoresponder.
  • Form goes to the next funnel step, but no information is saved.

Page Types:   

Order Form, Optin Form, Popup, Registration, Membership Access

Settings on the Button:

  • Order Form -- Preset on the Element
  • Optin Form -- Submit Page
  • Popup -- Submit Page
  • Registration -- Submit Page
  • Membership Access -- Submit Page

General Rule:  Whenever there is a form on the page, you will want the button action to be “Submit Page”

Other settings on the page will determine what actions can be taken on the funnel step or after the funnel step is completed.

Order Form:

Existing elements have been created for your order forms that are available for use on the order form templates.  Button actions have been set on these elements to correspond to the sales of products added to the page.

Since the action on the order forms is pre-set, you will want to leave them as they are on two-step order forms inside ClickFunnels.

If you create an order form from scratch, you will set the button to ‘Submits the Page.’

Single step order forms must have a button set to ‘Submits the Page.’

Optin Form:

Your form is intended to save email addresses to your ClickFunnels Contacts, your Actionetics Email List or the 3rd-Party Autoresponder List.

  • Email can be the only required field on your form.  No other field can be required.
  • Integrations must be setup on your ClickFunnels Account and also on the Optin Form.
  • Inside your autoresponder, you will need to remove the double-optin setting on your list and in some instances, create the signup form for that list.

Click on the button while editing the page to view the button settings menu.

Next you can set the button to “Submit The Form / Page”

When the button is set to “Submit the form / page,” ClickFunnels will submit the email and make sure to attach the other input fields to that email profile.

Whenever you have a form, and the form button says “Go To Next Step In Funnel”, the form will not collect the email or input fields that have been completed by your prospect.

By default, Clickfunnels will proceed to the next funnel step when your button says, “Submit the form / page.”  If there is no next funnel step, the page will be refreshed, and the information will be collected.

Important note: Consider creating the next funnel step and testing the optin page yourself. 

If you would like to specify a URL to redirect your new subscriber after the page is submitted, review this article:   Using the Redirect Override

Popup Window:

A popup button with a form is a popular way of grabbing a visitor’s attention and providing an enticement to input that valuable email address.  The button action is set to ‘Submits the Page.’

Your Popup window can be set to direct your visitor to another site, or simply continue to the next funnel step.  To redirect your popup form, you will add a URL to the ‘On Submit Go To’ field in the Settings > General 



Without a URL on this General Setting, ClickFunnels will proceed to the next funnel step.

Registration Form:

Creation of a member account requires use of an existing element on your funnel step.  The element form button is already set to ‘Submit Page.’  This element exists and is ready to be used for creating your member’s new account.  You do not need to assemble this form piece by piece.

Membership Access:

Logging into a membership area requires a valid userID and password from one of your existing members.  The element used on the membership access page is pre-built and set to the correct button action to submit the information in the form for validation against your members list inside your membership area.

Test Your Forms:

  1. Visit the URL for the form.
  2. Complete the fields on the form.
  3. Click on the form button.
  4. Verify that you proceed to the next funnel step and that the info was saved.

Correct the form settings in the above process if the result was not correct.

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