Sometimes you want to allow your customers to give you a call or send an email to your email address by clicking a button or a text. You can learn how to do that in this video:

In order to make a button call to a telephone number, you have to set the action for it to go to website URL and add one of the following texts:


Both of them will allow people to call the number +123456789 after they click on it. You will have to replace the +123456789 with the actual number you want them to give a call to, otherwise it will dial +123456789 all the time.

These buttons work for both mobile and desktop.
In order to make a button send an email to a certain email address, you will have to make it go to the following website URL:

What this button does is to open the email service your customers use by default and populates the email address that comes after mailto: automatically.
They will still have to configure the text of an email to send it to this email address.
You will have to replace with an actual email you want them to send emails to, otherwise it will be sent to all the time.

You can do the same with texts in ClickFunnels by hyperlinking them with the texts mentioned above. You can do it like that:

After you do these, your call-to-action buttons and texts will be fully functional.

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