What you will need:

By default, there is a Default Outcome Action that applies to everyone when there are no other Outcomes added to your survey. 

Step 1: Add A New Outcome

  • Click on Add Outcome.
  • Add the Outcome Title.
  • Click on Add Condition
  • Select the Question.
  • Select the Answer that applies for your new condition. 

Note: Multiple conditions can be added (all must be met for the Outcome to be triggered).

  • Select the Page Action from the drop down.

    1. Loading Then Page Redirect:
    This option displays loading text on screen before redirecting.
    2. Instant Page Redirect:
    This option instantly redirects without loading.
    3. Hide Survey:
    This option hides the survey element.
    4. Submit Page (form): This option submits the input form elements that you have on the page.
    5. Open Popup: This option opens the popup element on the page.
  • Add the Custom Redirect.
    Here you can add in your URL(s) to redirect to different opt-in pages based on the response. (i.e. http://yourdomain.com/nextpage)
  • Add the Loading Text that you would like to display while the page loads.
  • Add the Sub Text that you would like to display below the loading text.

Full video:

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