When you build out your pages it is important to update the SEO / Meta data. 

This is the information that search engines will index and will determine how posts will be displayed on Facebook when your links are shared. 

Get started by go to Settings in the page editor and clicking SEO Meta.

If you have not already edited your settings, your SEO Meta settings will look something like this. 

The Title is what will show up as the title of the search results, the title for your Facebook posts, as well as what users see in the browser tab. 

The description is what users will see in the search results, as well as in the description for your link when you share on Facebook. 

Once you have added your Author and Social Image, those will display in the Facebook preview. 

Please note that your domain will not update in the preview inside the editor, but it will in the actual search results and when you share on Facebook. 

If when you share your page on Facebook, the social data does not update on the live post, you may need to use the Facebook debugger tool to scrape the new meta data. 

You can access the Facebook debugger tool here: 

You may need to scrape your pages multiple times in order to get the correct data. 

If you would like to hide your page(s) from search engines, go to Settings and click on General and then toggle the Search Engines settings.  

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