To set one of the built in actions, click the button you want to edit and open up the settings panel.

You will see a SET ACTION button you can click on

Use the one that fits your situation and a list of what each Action does is available below the image.

You can also highlight text on your page and click the Link button to create a link that uses one of these Actions instead of a standard link if you use the text or image version of each action each of which start with a "#" character.

0:10 (1) #submit-form - Submits any form field data (required on Opt-in pages and Order Pages).
1:22 (2) #open-popup - Opens the page's popup.
2:00 (3) Build you own link you can also have it open in a new tab/window if you want
3:00 (4) #next-url# - Goes to the next page in the funnel.
3:45 (5) For a button set it via the drop down

For A text element set it to the CSS ID Selector

4:44 (6) For a button set it via the drop down menus (their is currently no text option equivalent)

Side note: When hide/showing lots of content for best results hide/show row or section not lots of individual elements.

OTO (One-Time-Offer) Page Specific Actions

On OTO (one-time-offer) pages, there are two actions that are required for the OTO page to function. These actions also only work on OTO pages.

0:25 (1) #yes-link - Accepts the one time offer immediately charging the credit card that was entered on the Order Page and giving access to the product to the customer. Skips the next Downsale page in the funnel but will go to the next OTO upsell.

1:25 (2) #yes-link-2 - This will allow you to have two products on your OTO Upsell page. The button for the first product that you create in the products tab will be set to #yes-link and the button for the second product that you create will be set to #yes-link-2

2:16 (3) #no-link - Declines the offer and moves to the next Downsale page or OTO page in the funnel.

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