On your order form pages you can add an Order Summary Element that will summarize the order and will show the products your customers select on it and how much they have to pay for them.

Important note:

This element will only populate the products you select on the page in the preview mode. This element will say "Dynamically Updated" in the editor mode.

You can add this element to your order form page like that:

You can customize it by going into the settings of this element.

In the settings tab you can set up the margin, the texts that will replace the words "Item" and "amount" that are set up by default, set up the font and its size, select the colors for the usual text, the product text and the background color of this element.
For instance, like that:

In the Advanced tab you can not only set up the font weight to be bold or normal, but also configure the animation for this element:

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