Settings (0:23)

Top Margin - Add some space on the top of your element.
Image - Choose the image
Alt Text -  For any image on your site, the alt text should describe what's on it.
Image Width - Manually set a width for the image
Image Height - Manually set a height for the image
Link Url - If you want to link the image place a url in this field
Link Url Target - Choose if you want the link to open in the same or a different tab/window.

Styles (2:40)

Align - Choose the justification for the image
Radius - Alter the image to Normal (rectangle), rounded edge or a circle.
Shadow - Add a shadow around the image
Opacity - Set the transparency level.
Grey Scale Fx - Choose if you want to image to be full color or black and white.

Animation (3:20)

Timed Delay: 

  1. Fade In
  2. Fade In with Scale


  1. On Page Load - When the page has loaded (after any delay that you have set).
  2. On Page Scroll (becomes visible) - When the visitor scrolls down on the page (after any delay that you have set).
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