This article will cover how embed a YouTube Video on your page. YouTube is a great place to get started hosting your videos. Not only do they host the videos for free for you to embed them on your site, but they can be discovered on YouTube itself (unless you have intentionally made them "unlisted"). And if you have your description set up with a link to your Funnel, it is just another way to get more traffic to your funnel.

Your video element needs to be inside a row - and the row needs to be inside a section. 

First Add A New Section (Green)

You can add a new section by either clicking Add New Section on the page, or going into the Sections tab on the right side toolbar and clicking Add New Section.

Next Add Row and Container (Blue)

Once you have a Section, you will need to add a Row and Container. The container allows you to separate elements across a single row with different widths. 

Then choose your layout: 

Add The Video Element (Orange)

Once you have chosen your layout, you will be able to add the video element. Click Add Element and choose Video. You can choose to add a video that will appear on your page, or a video that will appear as a popup. 

Go To The Video You Want To Embed

In a new window, go to the YouTube video that you want to embed.

Get The YouTube Link

Copy the link in the address bar, it should look something like:

Go To Video Settings In ClickFunnels And Select YouTube

Next you will go to the settings for the video element and choose YouTube for the Video Type.

Set YouTube Video Settings

Now you can set the settings for your video. Paste your YouTube URL into the appropriate box and then set if you would like the video to Auto Play or not and a few other settings such as the background of the player.

Keep in mind that videos don't autoplay on mobile (people would get angry over data usage). 

Set Video Player Style

After you have pasted the embed code, you can edit the style of the player which will change the size or the Skin around the video.

 "Sticky on scroll" means that when your video is playing and someone scrolls down the page, a small icon of your video playing will stay on a corner of your page so that your visitor can multitask :)

Congratulations, Your YouTube Video Is Now Embedded On Your Page

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