What you will need:

Step 1: Input Element Settings

  • Click on the Gear icon on the input element orange border to open the settings.
  • Edit the element and adjust the Settings as desired.
  • Top Margin - Add some space on the top of your element.
  • Input Type - Select the type of input field.
  • Placeholder Text - Select the text you want to appear in the input field.
  • Required - Select whether the field is required to submit the form.
  • Font Family - Change the texts font.
  • Font Size - Change the texts size.
  • Mobile Size - Change the texts size on mobile devices.

Advanced Style Settings

  • Font Weight - Select the weight (bold) of the text.
  • Text Align - Choose the justification for the text.
  • Corners - Adjust amount of rounding around the edges of the text.
  • Submit On Enter - Choose if you want to allow the form to be submitted by pressing the enter/return key.
  • BG Color - Change the background color.
  • Icon - Choose an icon.
  • Icon Style - Choose if the icon should be black/white/colored.
  • Icon Position - Choose if the icon should appear on the left or right.

Advanced Animation

  • Timed Delay - fade in or fade in with scale.
  • Type - On page load or on page scroll for the delay that you have set.

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