This article will help if you:

  • Wish to use your existing domain to access another funnel or a website.
  • Are unable to reach your funnel when entering your subdomain into the browser address line.
  • Want to reach specific funnel steps directly.
  • Wish to reduce the domain tracking efforts and renewal costs by using one domain.

Page Type:   First funnel step

Definition of a subdomain:  A memorable Web address for unique content areas of your site.

In appearance, your subdomain looks like this:    https://{subdomain}.[domain].ext

The ‘www’ is never present in front of your subdomain.
This differs from a page on your website which appears as:

As stated in the definition, the subdomain allows you to create and access a separate content area of your site.

A separate subdomain can be used for each funnel.  You could create a subdomain for the name of your funnel, a product, a niche, a location or any other variation.

Steps to Create and Connect Your Subdomain: 

  1. Add CNAME for your subdomain to the DNS zone of your domain and point the record to
  2. Inside your ClickFunnels account, visit Account > Domains and add your subdomain. 
  3. BROWSE FUNNELS and click on the funnel you wish to connect to your subdomain.
  4. Select the Subdomain from the DOMAIN drop down menu on the funnel SETTINGS tab after you click on the first step of your funnel.
  5. Save your funnel settings.

All of the listed steps must be completed for your custom subdomain to work correctly.

Does My Domain Have to Be in CloudFlare?

  • CloudFlare updates are made automatically - behind the scenes - when you add your domain to your ClickFunnels account.
  • A ‘CNAME’ record is added for the subdomain when you add your subdomain to the DOMAINS screen.

Test Your Custom Subdomain:

Once you have completed all 5 steps in the setup of your custom subdomain:

  1. Open an Incognito Browser window.
  2. Copy and paste your subdomain into your browser.
  3. You should see the first page in your funnel that you connected to the subdomain.

Further Information about Custom Subdomains:

The manual process is recommended for custom domains and custom subdomains.

Follow every step in one of these helpful docs:

Additional information about the Custom Domains can be found here:
Knowledge Base:
 Custom Domains

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