If you are creating a subscription product with Recurly, you need to first create the product inside your Recurly account. 

To do this, go to Configuration > Plans > New Plan.

When you create the plan, you will give it a Plan Name and a Plan Code.

You should copy the Plan Code to your clipboard, because you will need it for your ClickFunnels product settings. 

Configure Your Billing Settings

In the next section you will configure your billing settings.

Payment Settings

Setup Fee

Create an optional Setup Fee for your subscription. This is a one time fee that would be charged when they sign up. If you have set the subscription to be a free trial, they will still be charged the setup fee at the time of the transaction. (*This is great for paid trials.)

Plan Fee

This amount is required. This is the amount that will be charged each billing cycle. 

Editable Quantity

The Editable Quantity is not applicable to ClickFunnels order pages. 

Other Options

There are other options that you may want to configure for your Recurly subscription, however, they are not required for the ClickFunnels integration. It is advised that you review these settings. 

Once you have completed your setup, save your plan settings. 

ClickFunnels Product Configuration

On your ClickFunnels Order Page or OTO Page, click on the Products tab. 

Click Add Product. 

On this menu, you will configure your Recurly Subscription.

  1. The name of the product. This is what your customers will see. 
  2. Select Recurly from the dropdown menu.
  3. Type your display price. This is required for subscriptions. 
  4. Do not select order bump for subscriptions. 
  5. Select Subscription
  6. Paste your Exact Plan ID from your Recurly settings
  7. Configure your Fulfillment Email Settings. If you wish to disable this email, delete the subject line and email body. 
  8. Configure your Email Integration settings. 
  9. Click Create Product
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