Have you ever found yourself making changes to your step/page via page-editor and it doesn't seem to show up when you go to view it live?  Sometimes this is caused by your browser caching your previously saved version of the page.  However, if you cleared your browser's cache or previewed your page in an incognito window, and it still doesn't show you the updated version... then it might be the server side cache.  

Like your browser stores and caches data, the server does something similar.  The server saves data and that information gets sent to your computer's browser.  If the data isn't updated at any point between the server and your computer's browser, it will display the older version of your page.  The following is a simple trick to force that page data to update.  

The Concept

Change the paths to both your step and the split page in question, to force the server side cache to clear for that particular step/page.  

The Steps

First, go to the step/page that isn't updating. 

There are 3 areas you can access to change the paths to the step and the split page itself.  

Second, modify the step's pathname. 

You can change it by simply adding a number "2" to the end of the path.  However, changing it to anything else would be fine.  Just make sure not to change it to a path that already exists or you'll run into some issues.  As long as the path is unique and different from what it originally was named, it should be fine.  Finally, hit the "Update Funnel Step Button".  

Third, modify the split page's path name.

Like the step pathname, you want to name it something different and then hit the "Update Page" button.  

Fourth, refresh the page you are on and then preview your newly updated page!

If the page is updated as intended now, you may return the pathnames to what they originally were as the changes will now remain update!

Other Tips and Tricks

For good measure, you can also flip the steps around to force the server side cache to clear.  Simply click on the step in question and drag it down a step to rearrange the step order.  After doing so, rearrange the swapped steps back into their original order. 

If after doing all these things your page still isn't showing your updates, double check that the changes were saved.  Should this be true and your changes are still not being displayed, please be sure to contact us at Support. 

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