1:35 - Setting Up Your Affiliate Program With Infusionsoft and Ontraport in ClickFunnels

9:09 - Can you show us how to use the affiliate program using Backpack?

18:21 - Could you elaborate on what made you switch from WebinarJam "Google Hangouts" to GoToWebinar as opposed to one of the many others like Crowdcast, ClickMeeting, etc.?

19:13 - I see there's a widget for Facebook comments. Can you demo that? Also what if we want to add non-Facebook comments for topics that need more privacy; can we add our own widget for that like Disqus?

21:46 - How do you track an opt-in from Facebook?

23:29 - Do videos play on mobile devices from within a CF membership area?

25:26 - My question is very basic. I've added YouZign to my account --- but when I click on the YouZign button to add a picture, nothing happens. How is it supposed to work?

26:11 - Some of the funnel steps have things under "Automations" tab that don't make sense. They list items and those items don't seem to be clickable or editable. For example, the default Order Form says trigger these events "Everyone", "Saw Page But Didn't Purchase", or "Purchased". Those sound like email lists but it's unclear how to edit that automation.

29:25 - If I am using Clickfunnels as the cart for my physical product, how do I integrate with my fulfillment company such as Amazon FBA or a fulfillment company that accepts CSV batch files?

32:59 - Can you host or use a CF membership area for download of MP3 Recording?

34:36 - How do you set up a product payment plan if using the Stripe shopping cart in Clickfunnels?

36:27 - I'm feeling lost when it comes to setting urls for funnels, steps, display, etc. (on a custom subdomain). Is there a support doc to explain this? Similarly -- if I'm using the exact same OTO page/offer for several products, but want to keep the stats separate to see where it's converting, do those urls need to be different, or can I just use the same url for each OTO?

39:03 - Hey guys! Really excited to be here.....:-) Could you please elaborate on the membership functionality for clickfunnels? What can/can't you do? How advanced is it/what does it allow you to do? I saw that you covered an integration piece with Kajabi, but I would prefer to use clickfunnels as a one stop shop - please advise? Thanks!

43:00 - Can we use the custom js/html element to add a star-ratings widget to each post of a membership course or simply just asking people to rate something on the page. Is there a "ratings' element or object already in your system that can be added to pages?

44:07 - With the switch to GoToWebinar for this Webinar Is that going to be applied with the Funnel University & ClickFunnel System ?

45:07 - When using a webinar funnel is there a way to use zoom webinars...is there an integration for that?

46:12 - When using a custom URL (already own) do I have to switch it over to a CloudFlare or can the DNS be redirected to clickfunnels?

47:49 - I'd like to work with an implementation consultant to help me set things up, so I just have to come up with the ideas. maybe they could advise on ideas and approaches too. (I'm able to set things up but i'd rather just have someone work with me). is there a consultant or consultant marketplace you guys can point to? not just the $2000 ClickStart service you guys offer with coaching, but more of a lower-cost hourly external resource to help tweak things along the way.

49:00 - Can we sell adult products via ClickFunnels?

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