Importing a CSV file that contains special characters(or sometimes non English characters) can be challenging and you will often see that the list you're trying to import is getting stuck in queue. This is happening because the list you're importing isn't encoded properly.

You can fix that by changing the encoding of the file to UTF-8. This is possible via numerous ways, below I will explain how you can do it using Microsoft Excel and Notepad (free option).

Microsoft Excel

1. You will need to open the list with Microsoft Excel, and then click on File.

2. Then you will need to click on Save As

3. New window will open, please select CSV (Comma delimited) (*.csv) from the drop-down list under Save as type.

4. After that, please click on Tools, and then select Web Options from the drop-down menu.

5. New window should open, please click on the Encoding tab and select Unicode (UTF-8) from the list, after that please click OK.

6. Lastly, save the new file by clicking on the Save button.

02. Notepad

You can also achieve the same effect using Notepad, however, almost every time the free way is more complicated and advanced. Here we need to identify and replace the delimited symbols (the symbol that is used to separate the columns/rows. This can be a space, a - symbol, tab, etc. and we need it replaced with an , (comma symbol). 

1. Click on Edit, then Replace. 

2. Please identify symbols that are used for delimitation and add them in the field marked with 1. Then please add ","(without the quotes, only the comma symbol) in the 2nd field and click on Replace All.

3. Then please click on File and select Save As from the drop down menu.

4. Please change the encoding to UTF-8 as shown on the picture, and then click Save.

Now your file is ready for upload! Here's how you can do it How to import contacts into Actionetics

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