**Please note, Taxamo is currently not providing an integration with Clickfunnels for new customers. We are aware and in contact with them about this. 

What is Taxamo? 

Taxamo is a great solution if you need to be EU VAT Compliant.

Sign Up With Taxamo

Click here to sign up with Taxamo

Click the sign up button and complete the sign up process

 Click the API Tokens Button on your Taxamo Dashboard

Here you have access to your Public and Private Test Tokens

In order to use your Taxamo integration in Production mode (for live transactions), you will need to register your tax and billing details with Taxamo.

You will need to fill out your billing details completely.

After you have completed your billing information and added your method of payment, visit your dashboard again and click on the API Tokens Button.

Now you have access to all the API keys that you will need for Taxamo to function properly with ClickFunnels. 

Integrating With Your Payment Processor

In order to use Taxamo with ClickFunnels, you must integrate with a Payment Service Provider.

On your Taxamo Dashboard, click on Integrate and select Payment Service Providers.

From here you will be able to integrate with Stripe, Braintree or PayPal.


Click the buttons to connect Stripe in either Test and/or Production mode. To run live transactions, you will have to be connected in Production Mode.


To integrate with Braintree, you will need to connect with your Braintree API. Please click the Learn More links on the Taxamo / Braintree integration page to learn how to do this.


To integrate with PayPal, you will need to connect with your PayPal API. Please click the Learn More links on the Taxamo / PayPal integration page to learn how to do this.

Add Your Domains

The final step here in Taxamo is to add your domains to your account.

Click on Dashboard > API Tokens

Then click </> JavaScript API and add your domains under Web API referrers.

Integrating With ClickFunnels

In your ClickFunnels account please go to My Account > Settings > Payment Integrations

Here you will click on the Taxamo logo to begin your integration.

Please enter in all four of your API Tokens from your Taxamo account here.


After this you will be redirected to your ClickFunnels Dashboard.

Setting Up Your Products

Now that your Taxamo Integration is set up properly, you will be able to use their services automatically to calculate EU VAT on applicable transactions.

Set up your product as you normally would and add your Payment Service Provider that you have integrated with Taxamo as your Billing Integration.

Setting Up Your Order Form

One final setting for your Taxamo integration is to add the VAT input field to your order form.

Add a Headline Element and an Input Form Element to the page.

Adjust your settings.

Click Save.

**Please note that in order for VAT to be calculated correctly, you must have the Order Summary element on your checkout page. 

Your Taxamo integration is ready.

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