**Please note that due to limitations with the Infusionsoft API, the Infusionsoft payments integration only supports using Authorize.net as a payment gateway. 

We are constantly working on making the system more compatible with additional gateways.

Other payment gateways might work, but Authorize.net is the only one that has been tested successfully.

The reason for these limitations is based on the API calls that Infusionsoft makes to the payment gateways.

The API between Infusionsoft and certain payment gateways is outdated and has not been updated.

This is a known issue with Infusionsoft - http://community.infusionsoft.com/showthread.php/18042-Rapid-3-1-eWAY-integration-for-New-Zealand-market?highlight=eway

The way that the system works is that ClickFunnels makes an API call to Infusionsoft and then Infusionsoft then makes the API call to the Payment Gateway.

ClickFunnels makes the exact same API call to Infusionsoft no matter the Gateway.

Some of the known payment gateways that will not work with the Infusionsoft Payment API are:

  • Eway

  • Sagepay

If you have any questions regarding this, please contact support.

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