When you use Braintree for payments, you have the option to create subscription plans for your products.

This is very similar to a payment plan, except that there isn't a set number of payments.

In your Braintree account go to Plans and click New. 

1) Give your plan an ID. If you do not give your plan an ID, Braintree will generate a random ID for you.

2) Give your plan a Name. (Required)

3) Give your plan a Description. (Optional)

4) Give your plan a Price. (Required)

If you scroll down further, there are more options for your plan.

You can give buyers a trial period in which their card won't be billed. This is optional.

Next you will determine the frequency and duration of the billing.

1) Select how often you will bill the clients with the Billing Cycle.

2) Set the First Bill Date. This can be immediately or a specific day of the month. (The latter is useful for product launches where you want to charge everyone on the same day).

**Please note that if you are providing access to a membership area with a product purchase, users will get access to the membership area immediately no matter how the First Bill Date is set.

3) For the End Date make sure that you select Never 

Braintree also gives you the option to have Add-ons and Discounts with your subscriptions, but you don't have to do that. Any discount or add-on that you apply to your plan in Braintree, will be applied to anyone who purchases your ClickFunnels product.

The final step is to create your product in ClickFunnels.

Go to your Order page or your OTO page and click on the Products tab.

Click Add Product.

1) Give your product a Name

2) Select Braintree for your Billing Integration

3) & 4) Amount & Currency are determined in your Braintree Subscription Plan settings. You might need to enter an amount here though in order to save your product.

5) Make sure that you set the Price Display Override. Otherwise the price that displays will come directly from Braintree.

6) Order Bump is disabled for subscription products.

7) Select Subscription

8) Select your Braintree Plan

9) Number of Payment Plan Payments is determined by your Braintree Subscription Plan Settings.

After you have filled out all the product settings make sure that you complete the settings on the Fulfillment Email, Email Integration, Membership (Kajabi Only), Shipping, Affiliates (Backpack Only).

Click Create Product.

Congratulations, you have created your first subscription plan product in ClickFunnels using Braintree to process the payments.

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