This article will show you how to set up a Free product in ClickFunnels with Stripe as the payment processor.

This is helpful if you would like to offer a free product and then offer a one-click upsell on the next page of your funnel.

Understanding Free Products (ClickFunnels + Stripe)

Before beginning, it is important that you understand how ClickFunnels and Stripe work together in regards to Free Products

When you create a free product, you will first be creating a Subscription Plan in Stripe.

Stripe Plan settings determine the following criteria for your product:

  • The amount that is charged to the customer
  • The currency that is used
  • The interval at which customers are charged (yearly, monthly, weekly, daily, etc.)
  • And the Free Trial period days

ClickFunnels Product settings determine the following criteria for your product:

  • The product name that is displayed on the order page
  • The price that is displayed on the order page
  • The Number of Plan Payments (This is the TOTAL number of charges that will be processed in Stripe.)

Create Your Free Product Plan in Stripe

  • Login to your Stripe account at
  • Select Live View from your Stripe Account Dashboard using the Live/Test view toggle.
  • Select Plans
  • Select "+New"

Create New Plan in Live View

  1. Designate a Plan ID. The plan ID should be unique. You should also copy this plan ID to your clipboard or make a note of it somewhere because you will need it in another step.
  2. Designate a Plan Name
  3. Enter the Amount. This is the amount that will be charged to the customer. For a Free Product, you will enter 0.00 here.
  4. Designate your Currency
  5. Designate the Interval at which payments will be processed. This can be set to Monthly. 
  6. Enter the Trial Period Days
    Typically you won't have a free trial with a completely free product.
  7. Statement Descriptor (optional
  8. Click Create Plan

Create New Plan in Test View

Switch to your Test Dashboard View using the Live/Test toggle

Paste the Plan ID from the previous step. The plan ID for your test plan and your live plan should be exactly the same in order for your test in ClickFunnels to work properly.

Complete the rest of the fields just like you did in the live view plan.

ClickFunnels Product Settings

To set up your Free Product in ClickFunnels, go to your Order Form page, click on the Products tab and then click + Add New Product.

Product Settings

  1. Designate the Name of your product. This is the name that will display on your order form page.
  2. Select Stripe as your Billing Integration
  3. The Price Display Override is the price that will display on your order form page. For example, the text here could be: $0.00
  4. Select Subscription for your payment type.
  5. Select the Stripe Plan that you created previously
  6. Enter the Number of Payment Plan Payments as "1"
  7. After finalizing your product settings, click Create Product

Finalize Your Product Settings

After you have set up your product settings, you can also set up:

A. Fulfillment Email (and Thank You Page) Settings

Under the Fulfillment Email tab, you can write the copy and design your fulfillment email. This email will automatically be sent to users who purchase this product. To disable this email, delete the subject line and email copy and the email will not be sent. This email is sent using the SMTP settings in your Account Settings.

B. Email Integration Settings

In your Email Integration settings you can integrate your autoresponder so that users who purchased are sent to your Autoresponder. You can designate a different list or tag for those who have purchase. (HTML Integrations are not supported in the Email Integration settings and Email Integrations should not be added to the order page. Adding and Email Integration to your order page can potentially break the order process, preventing payments from processing correctly.)

C. Shipping Settings

If you are using Kunaki, DiscDelivered, or Shipstation for product fulfillment, you can integrate those here

D. Affiliates

In the Affiliates settings you can toggle whether or not a product is commissionable or not.

After updating these settings, make sure that you click Create Product (or Update Product if you were editing an existing product).

Testing Your Product

You can test your product by going to your funnel settings and switching the Stripe Test Mode toggle to ON.

Make sure you save your Settings by scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking Save and Update Settings

Use the test credit card number 4012888888881881 with any three digit CVV and any expiration date that is in the future.

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