If you have an existing Merchant Account and want it to work with Click Funnels or you need a Merchant Account to work with Click Funnels, check out Easy Pay Direct. 

How to Add your Easy Pay Direct credentials to your ClickFunnels Payment Gateway settings

a) Go to Account and click on Payment Gateways
b) Click Easy Pay Direct
c) Add your Easy Pay Direct username (what you use to login to Easy Pay Direct)
d) Add your Easy Pay Direct password (what you use to login to Easy Pay Direct)
e) Add your Easy Pay Direct API key.
f) Click Update Easy Pay Direct Settings

See below to learn how to get your API key.

  1. Click Settings
  2. Click Security Keys
  3. Copy your API key or Create a New Key

Make sure to save the Easy Pay Direct settings inside your ClickFunnels account.

Required: Enable the Customer Vault

In order to process transactions, you will need to enable the Customer Vault in your Easy Pay Direct account. 

Click on Customer Vault and then click the Sign Up button to agree to the charges. 

To learn more about navigating and using the Easy Pay Direct dashboard, please contact Easy Pay Direct support. 

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