We at ClickFunnels are super happy to have you in our Facebook Group!

Make sure you read through this post for some awesome tips and resources.

This group is a great place to share your awesome results using ClickFunnels, get to know other ClickFunnels users, and to share/learn tips and tricks for using the software.

In order to foster greater positivity in this group and to ensure the right expectations, we have come up with the following group guidelines below:

  • Keep it positive. Be helpful. Have fun. :) 
  • Enjoy the opportunity to receive peer-to-peer assistance.
  • No promos (affiliate or personal).
  • Please do not post video, live or otherwise! 
  • No direct OR indirect lead generation attempts. Please do not post links to any optin pages or ask people to PM you directly. 
  • No seeking of official support. If you have any other questions or concerns, please reach out via support icon in the bottom right of the app. (Or the top-left of the page editor). You can also go to help.clickfunnels.com
  • No reporting of "bugs" or making rants. Please direct those to the Support team (to those in the company who can actually address your issues properly).
  • No tagging of anyone on the ClickFunnels team (unless you're reporting a violation you feel they need to see).
  • No negative or "public shaming" posts of any kind (whether of ClickFunnels itself, or its team, or of other group members). They will be deleted and you will most likely be banned.
  • Above all, keep it classy!

In accordance with Facebook Terms of Service 3.2 -

You will not collect users' content or information, or otherwise access Facebook, using automated means (such as harvesting bots, robots, spiders, or scrapers) without our prior permission.

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