What you will need:

  • Your URL to your Shopify Store.
  • A product created in Shopify
  • A SKU for that product

Step 1. Integrate Shopify with your ClickFunnels Account.

  • Select "Integrations" from your Account Menu
  • Click "New Integration"¬†
  • Select Shopify
  • Place your Shopify Store URL into the field and click "Create Integration"

Step 2. Create your Product and SKU in Shopify

  • In your Shopify Store Select "Products"
  • Choose "Add Product"
  • Fill out the product details
  • The most important part is the product SKU

Step 3. Add Shopify fulfillment to your product settings.

  • Select "Products" from your "Order Page" or "OTO" pages
    - Create a product or Select one you have already created
  • Open the Shipping Tab
  • Select Shopify
  • Choose your Shopify Integration and the Product SKU
  • Select "Update Product"

Step 4.  Place your order form in test mode to make sure your order is successfully sent to Shopify for fulfillment

Congratulations! You have successfully integrated Shopify with ClickFunnels

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