ClickFunnels makes it easy to use as a fulfillment service in your funnels. Once you have your product setup inside your Kunaki account, it’s simple to integrate with ClickFunnels. 

Note: Once items are ‘pre-setup’ at, it will use the Kunaki account holder’s credit card/billing info, not the customer's. The Kunaki account holder uploads the DVD using Kunaki’s software, and then Kunaki provides a product ID. You would then add your Kunaki username, password, and product ID to ClickFunnels, as shown in the video above. When an order is placed for the product (and you must be using a shipping-required order form in ClickFunnels for this to work) a request is sent to Kunaki saying ‘ship DVD with Product ID to this address‘ and the customer is billed like normal via Stripe at whatever price you have set in ClickFunnels. Kunaki will then charge you for all the DVDs that were sent, at the end of the billing period.

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