By integrating directly with Kajabi, you can give access to your Kajabi membership areas to users who purchase products on your ClickFunnels order form pages.

*Please note, this integration will only give users access. Credit card information is not passed through to Kajabi. If you are using one-click upsells in your Kajabi account, users who purchase on your ClickFunnels page will not be able to utilize the one-click upsells.

**If you are selling access to your Kajabi membership site using a subscription with either Braintree or Stripe, and the user's payment fails, ClickFunnels will send the information to Kajabi which will revoke access to your Kajabi membership site.

To integrate your Kajabi account with ClickFunnels, please follow the instructions below.

Login to your Kajabi account and go to Integrations.

From there, click on the API Key field under the ClickFunnels logo to reveal your API Key.

Copy the API key to your clipboard.

The next step is to login to your ClickFunnels account and go to Account > Integrations.

Click Add New Integration.

In the Add New Integration window:

  1. Give your integration a name and select Kajabi from the dropdown menu.
  2. Paste your Kajabi API Key in the API Key field.
  3. Paste your Kajabi Secret Key in the API Secret field
    (note:  the API Key and API Secret fields are in the opposite order as they appear in Kajabi)

Click Create Integration.

Next, go to the order page in your sales funnel and click on the Products tab.

Create or Edit your product.

Click on the Memberships tab. (This will only appear if you have already integrated Kajabi at the account level.)

Select Kajabi from the dropdown.

From the Offer dropdown choose the offer in Kajabi associated with the product listing in ClickFunnels.  (Offers will only appear if they area already created in Kajabi.)

Click Create or Update Product and you are all finished! Anyone who purchases your product with automatically be added to your Kajabi membership site.

**Please note that in order for buyers to be added to your Kajabi membership site, Name and Email are both required on the order form.

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